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Yeah my FC is completely seperate as well. Every time it banks hard right and flys into the ground. I have confirmed that it occurs on 5.08 as well.

So to date my three identical crashes occur randomly (see below for first post). First crash occured on 5.14a, DJI replaced the FC, it crashed. I changed the firmware to 5.08, it crashed in the same way but alot more gentle. The only items that are unchanged throughout are the ESC and motors.
I had a gopro mounted below one of the aft booms looking fwd. It showed that all motors were spinning, but there wasn't alot of time for them to stop before it hit.

I think i will rotate the IMU to point fwd. Then if it banks left i know it is the flight controller.
I will replace the two RH ESC's and hope it doesn't happen at all, that way there are no more constants in the equation.

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Hi guys.

I have just returned home after an unexplained uncontrolled crash.
I am running a skyjib 8 with ZTW 70A ESC and AXI 2826/12 motors, WKM v5.14 and duel wild scorpion 5s 5500mah.

I had two succesflu flights carrying the gimbal and camera this morning. About 30 secs into the third flight while i was hovering in Atti mode at about 2 metres the craft banked hard right, increased speed, tossed and turned like it was having a fit and then drove itself into the ground. My inputs had no effect that i could notice and i had no where near enough time to go manual. The LED gave no indication of any faults prior to it, and all props were intact and as far as i can tell spinning on impact.

It hit hard enough to bend the gimbal side frames and the gear rail mounting plate among many other items!

My gut feeling is that something happened with flight controller. I reconnected the batteries once the remnants of the props and other parts were removed and everything seems normal again. I really can't think of any other reason for this to happen.

i think i will be reverting back to a previous firmware for awhile.

Does anybody have any other thoughts on this incident? I hate to point the finger prematurely!

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