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Originally Posted by twwd View Post
Another comment.

I found the Quadcoptor Power Distribution Board from Hobby King and that will be the one I am using on the Qaudcopter I am building. They have a Octocopter Power Distribution Board but it is rated for only 8X 10 amp max! That 10 amp really scares me! What would you suggest for the Scorpion?
Hey Rob,
That power distribution board should be fine ... 80 amps all up is a lot of current and equates to about 900 watts on 3 cells. It would take some extreme flying to put that sort of load on the distribution board (especially for any length of time). Personally I prefer distribution boards without the bullet connectors, and solder your wires straight to the board. just makes for one less fail point (I have not found bullet connectors to be super reliable)., ebay, . have high current version of the distribution boards without bullet connectors. Alternatively you can just clump all the wires together, solder and heatshrink and not bother with a distribution board at all.

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