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Originally Posted by knifeedge63 View Post
Okay now.... We are a bunch of guys sittin on our rumps lookin at a computer screen... no work involved.. and people are gonna complain because now we are gonna have to look through an extra forum? If your that far against it you dont have to look in an extra forum.. People are making this idea out to be such a big deal on how its gonna make everything worse, and how its gonna make our lives harder... I call CRAP on that... Now im not here to pick any fights with anyone, and i just wanna keep the peace. But lets be real, this isnt going to majorly effect any of our lives in any way. It will help organize a place where guys who like to trade (like me) can hang around and see what people have without having to ask "trades??" and always getting "No thanks". I hope you see my point. And forgive me if i have offended you in anyway... As that was not my intention.
Have an awesome day!
No you havent offended me in any way, and I know thats not your intention.

But I still think that people would rather spend their extra time flying than glaring at a computer screen trying to wade through a bunch of assorted stuff cars, boats, turbines and what not.

And yes sure, you'll find people posting trades but when you open the post, you'll see things like 'will trade for item blah' where blah could be anything from a hs55 to a surfboard. So now yes you do find people open for trades, but you dont really have what they're asking for. Even if you do, the value of the items may not be equivalent in which case you involve cash anyways...

Dont get me wrong, I have myself been involved in trades and am not against it by any stretch of imagination. Just that a spearate forum is not the right way to do it. And if you cant find trades for what you want, you can always sell items you own and dont want, and get the cash to buy what you need. I assure you that when you do that, nobody will turn down your cash offer saying 'oh sorry, no cash please'...

And its easy for you to tell people not to see the trade forum but then they loose potentially good deals from sellers, and sellers potentially loose good buyers. I definitely believe that a spearate trade forum will make life hard for all of us here...
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