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Originally Posted by Chap1012 View Post
Dude, let me get this straight as I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this.

Are you telling us the ball is long gone. GONE! Right? That means you glued the link (that plastic piece with a hole at each end) right to the swashplate?

Am I reading you correct?

No Mike you silly bird, he glued the balls back on the swash plate!

SR120 Fan, don't pay any attention to these guys. I will slap them for you!

But anyway, just a thought for you... a simulator such as Phoenix or RealFlight can save a bunch of money on real aircraft parts and repairs.

It doesn't cost any repairs parts to crash time and time again with a sim.
My first 120 wound up in the boneyard real fast. If I would have had my Phoenix Sim first, I am positive my first 120 would still be around.

If/when you decide to upgrade to a computerized radio, such as the DX6i, you can also play with the settings in the radio to tame your real bird down, and in the simulator also.

I have Phoenix and the physics are very realistic. I am currently using it to prepare myself for the maiden flight of my Parkzone Spitfire Mark9.

Just a thought for you, I know it is expensive but if a person plans to stay in this hobby, the sim and a good radio are worth gold.


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