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Had a great time at the Maker Faire.

Didn't get to see everything I wanted, was there with a friend, his wife and three kids.

Am totally hooked on the Makerbot II. The only thing is the heated platform for ABS (might need ABS for strength) will not be available on day one. I'll have to find out the cost of that vs the cost of upgrading the basic unit. If the diff is not too bad I'll order now.

There's too much to see in one day unless you bring food and drink and don't stop to rest. Wasted about an hour on line for food! Another long stretch in the Science Museum sitting out a rainstorm.

Didn't get to see any laser cutting gear but did see tons of Arduino tinkering kits and some interesting Xbee stuff.

One guy with a 3D printer did a section of his skull from a CAT scan. Shoulda done the whole thing, it's almost Halloween!

Makerbot has another printer coming out that has two print heads got multi color work, but its long dimension is only nine inches. Dunno why they don't just make one with an eighteen inch long axis. You still have the same number of parts to assemble as the eleven inch one and the two head one won't feel like it's too small.

Going to the Mulberry Street store on Monday to ask about delivery time.

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