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Originally Posted by SR120 fan View Post
Thanks a lot guys for the responses. I fell asleep shortly after posting. I got the fly bar to move by applying some considerable force to the swashplate as I thought it might be a bearing issue which I think it maybe. But there is so much DIY that has been done it could be anything. The good news is that the rotors will now spin fast enough to fly no worries. The bad news I have zero control because of the swash plate (balls broke, glued on end of links and one of the servos is pretty much knackered.

Regarding the don't go there. I went there as I had no choice because one of my holes snapped but the servo/heli hasnt worked properly ever since the solder issue where I melted it anyway.

The reason why I think the balls are on their last legs is I've had numerous ones now snap and the leg bits that are attached to the balls are starting to go that colour where they have been played with a bit too much.

I definitely need a new swash plate as there are no balls and Im doubting the bearings and links are as bent as bent can be.

One other little worry was the rear boom came off. When it was off, both rotors would run no problem. When I pushed it in too far neither the main rotor or rear rotor would run? Any ideas.

I will look into the collar issue but as the servos are so screwed, there is probably little point now. Im quite happy that the rotors ran well though. But more fixing required. Might look into getting another SR120 if i can find one second hand but over here they seem to go for nearly the same price as new ones.

I will probably carry on the fixing cause though for one last time. After that it is a new heli and the old one for spares (bad spares)

Sorry but, did you say you glued the links on to the swash balls?
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