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I found 9imod also carries it and has a few video's as well.

9imod link

It looks to be an exact drop in replacement with the only thing needed is the booms being switched around as shown in the 9imod link.

The video posted by bofred seems to show it as extremely stable even in high winds. The 9i videos show it flying really well indoors as well. My concern is wanting to see it fly acrobatically. The diagram shows 3d maneuvers based on percentage, but I am interested to see if it can do rolls, loops, flips etc. with the same precision as a real deal ladybird. That was the one downfall in comparison to my mqx/ladybird hybrid. It was extremely responsive and could move very nimbly, but wasn't at all in the same league with 3d maneuvers as a real deal ladybird.

Also I'm interested in the fact they label it as a 4 axis, which we know is probably incorrect labeling. The guess would be it is 3 axis only and the switch is more used as switching from low to high rates, but I guess only someone with it in hand can really give us more info.

This could get interesting and if it fly's as well as an original walkera board than I would assume it could also get extremely popular and could generate a lot of discussion.

So I think I might start a new thread on this board in the cuadcopter mini section as this can easily get way off topic of the rtf quads. I'll post a link when I get it up in just a bit.
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