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I really enjoy flying both....but not with the same helis.

My scale helis are all set-up to fly in a slower scale manor, with lesser collective and cyclic pitch ranges and with low rotor speeds, while my 3D pod and boomers are set up for higher pitch ranges, max pitch and collective ranges without binding.

As I am now used to hovering at 3/4 stick, I set up all my scale machines to also hover at the same point. I find it makes it easier to transition.

That said, it is not necessarily the fuselage on a heli that will dictate what flying style can be flown. That is more of how it is set up.

I also prefer watching a scale heli flown well in a scale manner then seeing one do 3D. And contrary to what many may think. It is as difficult to fly a scale model heli through a demanding scale routine, as it is to fly a good 3D routine with a 3D heli. They are just two different skill sets, and learning both can be very worthwhile and fun for some of us.
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