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Originally Posted by ChrisFlysRC View Post
Thanks for the post to my Diamond 2500 question reguarding the wing tube and flight characterists. This is a great thread posted here on RC Groups.

My next question is replacing the servos for the ailerons. Both were stock and had long servo leads. I would like to get two to three 8 to 6 inch servo extension to make the conversion easy and trouble free.

Would digital servos be good or maybe a lower more reliable servos for the airplane.

Also what the best 60 Amp ECS for the airplane. I know Castle Creations make some of the best ESC's on the market but I dont want to pay that much. Reliability is a priority due to my flights sometimes going above 1000 MSL during some of my flights.

Thanks for any post on these subjects.


For the digital servos, I upgraded all of the servo wiring to AWG-26 servo wire. HobbyKing sells this wire by length. They also sell JR terminals and connector housings and a good crimping tool. So I was able to make the appropriate length servo extensions.

As for increasing the servo wire length on the Aileron and Flap servos, I cut off the servo leads about 1/2" from the servo, then spliced and soldered longer AWG-26 servo wire. I used liquid electrical tape at the splice, then removed the screws on the servo and tucked the soldered splice inside the servo housing for clean appearance.

For the soldering of the splice, I used a 'helping hands' type soldering aid with magnifier and third hand tool to guide the low watt soldering iron tip under magnification (eliminates the shakes).

On the ESC. It depends on what your needs are for the BEC. You might want to run a seperate BEC. Do you need 5.5V BEC or 6.0V BEC?

Here are two good choices of ESCs that can handle higher currents.

This 60A ESC only supports 5.5V @4A...

This 65A ESC supports both 5.25V and 6.0V @4A..

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