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hi nano,

i remember you posted in this thread earlier so ill reply in here because theres a pm overflow problem and also its an interesting question.

i assume youre talking about the pwm converter. a couple other "customers" also wanted to use it with ladybirds so i guess interest is not restricted to the diy quad. may work with udi, syma, mjx, and the rest too. i guess theres about a dozen variations at this point. probably a good idea for me to start a thread on it becasue afaik there has never been a 4 channel pwm converter before and i suspect there is a lot more to discuss on brushless conversion. until then ill continue here.

first of all atm its an ic, not a pc board. ive wired up a couple recently and used what they call "dead bug" method. this is by far the lightest way to do it which is very important on a micro quad. i also find it to be the quickest and easiest method too. not to mention cheapest. theres only one component (cap) and it tacks onto the vcc and gnd pins neatly. and its quite easy to put the leads on which is the only other soldering required. so all-in-all dead bug it a perfect fit here. i may consider designing a small board if theres interest.

its also important to mention that afaik nobody, including me, has actually upgraded any of these quads to bldc. not with any converter let alone "TheDave" one. considering how much TheSteve converters cost im not surprised. it triples or quadruples cost of one of these toy quads. if i can sell this one for a fraction of what those other converters cost it will help in that department. im also thinking there may be technical issues coming up that we do not anticipate at this time. engineering like this rarely goes without a hitch and we should remember the full size guys take weeks or months to finish their projects. and thats with lots of people going before. we are pioneering here. however i have a good feeling that these revolutionary new tiny fc boards are going to be a big advantage here. after working with kk technology i was surprised how easy this diy project went.

time will tell.

anybody who wants one (i got 3 left) pm your shipping address and ill reply with pp info.

Originally Posted by nanobot9000
Been following yourthread along with all the walkera QR posts. I have an extra QR board and was thinking of making a tiny brushless quad with those tiny 2g motors from HobbyKing that I have laying around and instead of trying to find someone to flash some old ESCs to work with a brushed controller I saw your post.

Do you still have any of your custom boards available? And if so are they populated with parts or do I need to do that?
I am assuming I don't need a converter based on what I read.
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