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Originally Posted by gkamysz View Post
This is why I don't service engines even though I considered it at one point. $95 is a fair price if can't do it yourself. The 45-60 minutes estimated is fair, but there is overhead. So the $60/hr shop rate, plus parts, plus shipping is expected. You simply won't bill 8 hours a shift consistently (we see those can't get the wrist pin or sleeve out threads here). Shipping anything is $9-$12 today if you haven't check rates in the last 5-6 years. If you haven't run your own business or been directly involved in operating one, it's hard to understand the costs involved. That makes the price look high.

100% agree with this. It takes me about an hours worth of time to do do the bearings and that is with me moving as fast as I can.

The "mechanic" needs to be reasonably astute and trained. You probably won't find anyone that can do the work that is going to do it for less than $30 an hour. Remember that the cost of an employee is not just the "salary". The employer must also match the SS that the employee pays, usually pays part of the medical, and there has to be some staff to process the paychecks, HR, etc. Now don't forget that the electricity, rent/mortgage, property taxes, sales taxes, "net" on rent to landlord, shipping etc. Finally, there must be profit built inot the cost, too. On very small cost repair operations the profit would need to be 25% or so just to stay in business. Some of the profit goes back into the business and what is left is what makes running the whole thing worth while.
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