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Bob, I think GH is probably right.
You're talking engineering principles, which no-one disputes.
My point is that one-one ever bought a bad new ED, Oliver, Rivers, Eta, ST 15D, Enya 15D, Micron, Drone, Owat, Taplin Twin or Mills .75 or 1.3, etc.
However, nowadays, we're constantly hearing stories like fiery's, where an engine just can't be hand started... Why?
It never happened with the engines mentioned above...
I'm pretty sure that the reason is the one I stated, although as GH says, it's probably down to cultural/operating errors. I'll agree with that, but the end result is still ****!
A few weeks ago, I was in contact with a well-known American SAMer, who was selling his CS ED Hunter because he couldn't start it... It never happened with the originals!
Only last week, Jon Fletcher posted on a forum to the effect that the CS Tiger generally needs "rebuilding" and that it would be a better bet to restore an original.
I've also seen Elfins heavily criticised on the SAM US forum... except that the guys usually forget that they aren't referring to real Elfins! (fiery's problem).
On a more personal note, my judgement is based on 62 years of diesel operation, 49 years of collecting, and a love of the older model diesels. When I see diesels discussed on the various forums (converted glows, Davis heads, engines like fiery's), I'm left with the impression that we just ain't talking about the same animal.
As an illustration, here's the earliest ED 3.46 that I'm aware of. It's unmarked, except for the S/N indicating engine N 1 in August 1949, two months before they were released - Beautiful! and a super runner... Bob, stop telling me that CS are made on CNC machines, just consider the product...
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