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off topic accents

Originally Posted by Eric Henderson View Post
Test & answers.

- what does "Gannan oot by" mean? this comes from mining villages where you went and stood out by the cage that hauled men up an down the shaft to the mine tunnels. It simply means "I am Leaving".

- What is a "Gallowah"? A horse!

- What are Whippet Strides? Strides are trousers. These ones were originally fashioned from dog skins.

- What does "Var nye cowped ya creels?" Rhyming slang is not unique to Londoners. Creels would go with heels and mean, 'Be careful you nearly tripped!"

A gadge in my land would be a gadge-falage - a bloke!

Deek at yon bary bint - would be chek that out--usually a woman...

Quite often villages would not totally understand each other.

My accent is a mess theses days, what with Boston and Philly/Jersey for 30 years added to Geordie and London..I even get taken for Australian....Gazooks!
Eric, I have been in Australia for longer than you have been in the US of A and they are hopeless here with accents..I've been taken for Irish many be be sure...My family we farmers..not miners..They lived in the "farm house cottage" aboot 5ft from the road...and every day the army trucks from Otterburn would shake the house..I washed in a galv. bath and the toilet butted onto the night cart could empty it..hehe..Belsey is still open it..only thing gone is the big fishpond in centre of village.

Now..Scotty...Where the that promised.. Sea Vixen..hehe
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