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L/R trim trick w/o alu wts. [for V2.0 and V1]

I have successfully now done this on both the V1 and V2.0 [if you have doubts and have a removed broken wing, you can try this technique first on that one] >

IFF* the "weak" wing (with less thrust) also has its trailing edge in the outer third of the wing curled UP, simply:

1. Find a cylinder w/ about 1"/2.5cm diameter,

2. cover it with soft tissue paper,

3. rest the up-curled trailing edge (outer third of wing) on it and

4. carefully curl that segment of trailing edge down using using a hairdrier, being VERY careful not to heat for more than 2 - 3 seconds.

5. Hold the curl down with another tissue to protect the delicate paint and

6. let cool.

7. If that T.E. curls up again over time, additionally, or ALTERNATIVELY, make 2 identical down-curled thin cardboard forms, one each for the upper & lower surfaces of the outer third of the wing with the up-curled T.E., tape the rear of each form to the vacuum-formed black plastic shell in the box, and sandwich the wing btwn. them when the Avitron is stored in its box ....

[NOTE: birds curl the T.E. of their flexible wing feathers down by letting them roll/twist around their backs as they fold their wings when not flying]

This works better than adding weight to the opposite wingtip, since the mass of the wt. decreases the flap amplitude on that side, reducing its thrust, but which of course also reduces the overall thrust! Smarter to increase thrust on the weak wing when possible ....


*IFF = "if and only if"
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