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Originally Posted by Timtreo View Post
This one can't compare to these awesome scales in this thread but this was my first attempt at putting any work into a scale. I finished it a couple of months ago but hardly fly it. It flies great but i think it looks better hanging up then in pieces in a box. Any of you guys do the same? I should have gotten used to it a littlle more before a made this video though. The nothing scale A109wolf .
So what if it can't compare? The only really important factor is whether you had fun building it and enjoy flying it. Don't keep it on the shelf, it is built for flying!
Mine are no beauties either but I really enjoy flying them, rather than building something so pretty I am afraid to damage

Looks like you are flying without E-stab, and I am genuinely impressed!

Just one small advise: Go a little bit slower. As you might have noticed, non-E-stab rotors really dislike abrupt manouvres and the only way to master them is to really very slowly build up the pace (MUCH slower than you probably feel is necessary), otherwise you will start to accept the less favourable habits of non-E-stab and keep correcting them afterwards (as can be seen in the video), instead of preventing them from happening during the manouvre.

It happened to me and I really had to take a step back and build up the short tight turns and stuff like that from the ground up.

Nice heli, and nice flying! (and I really like the start of your video... )

Brgds, Bert
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