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Originally Posted by Tarro View Post
I really am starting to think that is what happened. It was fly so nice, then I tilted the camera down and when I stopped the tilt, Bam she flipped on me. I bet when the servo tried to stop the camera from moving it drew a little to much current and browned of the FC. I was going to put a separate CC BEC on it but I figured it would be ok until I installed it. I was wrong.
Thats a bummer Tarro, hope its repairable. I have been running a ccbec on my gimbal for a while but still have had some issues. Im going to NAZA on everything. I was planning on scratch building a heavy lift octo, but now maybe itll be a hexa instead.

Were you in GPS mode when it flipped? Sounds similar to what mine did today in GPS, sudden drop and wild pitch/yaw. I was really lucky to have hit manual and saved it, half a second of lag and it would have been in the bushes.
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