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Originally Posted by robh View Post
Hey thanks Sean... a couple of questions/ comments...
1. Only 6? Come on, think big my friend! And if you happen to show up, well, we can exceed that by a little. I know where to find more (yes, i've been known to make some too)
2. "drinking club with an RC problem" - perfect. I'm in the right place
3. I love woodies too... Iv'e got an Oly IISX underway right now. Sorry, yes, it's got a spinny thing up front. There aren't any winches nearby, and they seem to make life a little easier.
4. Anyone who wants to visit will be well taken care of, and as the Li'l stink... is close, she may be first to show up?

Thanks for the warm welcome!

OK, ply us with fruit of the vine and we'll let the spinning thingie on the front pass.

Damn, if I had a known that 6 cases wouldn't phase you I would have pushed for a lot more.

Seriously, I really understand the EP thing. I'm kind of heading that way myself..........though I'm kicking and screaming down the path. I do know it's the way to go for a lot of folks that don't have wide open spaces or a winch. Also, there probably will come a time in the next decade or so where dragging out the winch will be taxing. However, the grand daughter I posted a pic of several posts back has also been steeped in balsa dust. I have every intention of using her like a sled dog to run out lines, retrievers and trot the parachute back like a well programmed robot when the time comes.
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