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For that repair specifically and the cost of parts, ... I would say that sounds like it is way too much mark-up. Is that repair actually worth that much? I don't know what all was done nor exactly what parts were involved ... just what was mentioned here in this thread. If the parts were $10 +/- and the labor maybe $85? Is there really that much work involved to complete that task? I don't want to take away from their expertise either way .... It seems that a simple straight bench-charge ($25-$35) might cover everything as far as the labor, ... then a parts and materials charge added to that? Keep in mind, .. I didn't see the engine and dont know the overall shape it was in when it went to the service department. I would suppose there might be a basic shipping charge that is affirdableas well?

JBG said it was received on the 12th and dis-assembled on that day. How hard is it to soak in a cleaning tank and remove (4) backplate screws and some head bolts, ... especially when you have an active work bench that is specifically set up to do this task and tool-ready? If it were an educated guess ... I want to say 20min or less, ( and I think probably quite a bit less) ... to tear it completely down and maybe 15min or less to re-assemble it for testing. A total time lapse of 45min - 1hour is generous and that engine should be repaired, tested-out, and ready to box up to be shipped back to the " valued customer" If the job takes any longer than that ... maybe there are too many phone calls being transfered to that department during their repair?

What do you think the repair is worth? .... just wondering? Maybe it is worth the $95 dollars?
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