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Originally Posted by UAV.Pilot View Post
I highly recommend pushing your boundaries you have placed on your self, learning how to properly fly any kind of craft is one of the most rewarding skills to achieve. Simply pushing the heli around in auto for the sake of it will in time get dull
But hey do what you will.
I totally agree with this comment.
I can fly anything. Stablized mode is there for tranning, not meant to be flown all the time. If you fly in auto mode then for me you shouldn't be doing more than a hover.
You can't fly, and to say you can. Your just really insulting me.
I have spent many hours of practice. Such as you should do.

Now there is reasons to fly in auto mode or anything else but manual.
Such as AP.
I don't want to come off as a nose stuck into the air, kind of guy!
But what happens if something goes wrong that I could recover you from?

(Meaning a person with some skills.)
Answer: you crash!
Even if you think you can fly in auto mode. ou really need to practice and learn.
Otherwise your wasting you own time.
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