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So, I have my 2012 imu and mc on my quad. The pmu was replaced once by dji, and the only original piece is the gos compass. Since I got the imu and mc back I upgraded to 5.14 and had gps hold wandering badly do I downgraded to 5.12a (because i couldnt find 5.12 anywhere)which appeared to solve the wandering issue somewhat. I have had several good flights with a few dreaded white flashes but the gps takes forever to get lock the first go around. Today with perfect blue sky and gos locked, 2/3 the way through a 6 minute gps flight I suddenly got 3 red flashes, then no red flashes followed by sudden loss of pitch/roll and a sudden drop of altitude. I switched to manual and saved it, but for 1200$ and countless hours of research and troubleshooting I am near the breaking point. Neither of my nazas have ever done anything remotely close to what has become a routine "flies ok for a little while then another problem". I just can't trust this wkm to fly in gps, and even in atti. with all the white flashes I'm constantly uneasy about flying, just waiting for another surprise behavior. Maybe it's a damaged gps, maybe it's just me, but I'm close to being over it. Anyone want to buy it from me? The new imu and mc have suffered no crashes, and the pmu should be fine too, though the gps may be questionable. I don't mean to discourage anyone, Ive just had enough of messing with this thing and want to go to what has been good to me and put a naza on it. Cheers all, if anyone's interested in it send me a pm!
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