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One of my electric foamie planes provided a Max load usage of: 462Watts peak on a bench test....the Watts load overall was around 430w as the battery starts to lose on average somewhere between 430 and 460Watts load......

So that 430Watt motor could be rated somewhere around a .30 size gas engine if we can trust this information.....regarding propellers, plane sizing, plane gross weight, engine thrust and battery power....matching a propeller is nearly a black art.......

Glow Engines vs. Electric Motors
♠ .20-size glow engine / 300w electric motor
♠ (OS Max 0.20 engine develops 0.4 hp = 300w electric motor (AXI 2820) )
♠ .35-size glow engine / 500w electric motor
♠ (Fox 0.35 stunt engine develops 0.7 hp = 522w electric motor)(AXI 2826)
♠ .40-size glow engine develops 1.0 hp = 750w electric motor (AXI 2826 or 4120)
♠ .60-size glow engine develops 1.3 hp = 975w electric motor (AXI 4120 or 4130)
♠ .90-size glow engine develops 1.6 hp = 1200w electric motor (AXI 5320 or 4130)
♠ 1.20-size glow engine develops 3.0 hp = 2250w electric motor (AXI 5330)
♠ DA-50 develops 5.0 hp = 3750w electric motor (AXI 5330)
♠ DA-100 develops 9.8 hp = 7311w electric motor (Double AXI 5330)

Great, so now we have motor ratings in charts for back to the starting point!!

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