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Originally Posted by Josef086 View Post
Try this, take both wings and hold them up to the sun. Turn one upside down and one right side up. Notice how now they both look pretty close to the same color. One looks white and the other looks white but with a colored tint to it. When it gets further out and the color starts to turn to gray scale they both turn pretty close to the same thing depending on the light and orientation. Its not like what the solid colors do. With those they turn white and black. With the translucent they turn white and a slight gray.

Cloudy days seem to have the same effect.
I don't think that happens so much with the blue color scheme (which is the darkest color). Maybe the orange and green are brighter and more susceptible to this? This could answer the question posed long ago in this thread about "which is the best color" aside from personal preference.
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