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Originally Posted by blutoh View Post
Hi guys,

Has anyone built either of these steam engines? Whats your opinion, do you think either would make a good marine engine for RC boat use? The first one looks rather simple, but could be made into a twin for more power. There is a raw materials kit available. The second is a twin that doesn't require castings to build. But neither has reverse gear? Not sure how you would gedt reverse without some sort of transmission.


Little Machine Shop oscillating engine:

Or this more complex "no castings" twin cylinder:

Plans here.
Hi Pete,
The twin cylinder engine looks very much as tho' it's influenced by Stuart Turners launch engine which at the bore and stroke you will need a big boiler to keep up with the engines needs.

Being a piston valve engine if the designer had made it with outside admission he could have done away with the uniflow exhausts in the side of the cylinder and exhausted it thro' the piston valve and then it's a simple job to make a reversing valve which changes the steam from the inlet to the exhaust and makes it reversible.
If you have never made an engine before and you don't have machining facilities I would suggest that you start on something simpler.

Here are some pics of a Launch engine nearly completed.

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