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Originally Posted by Brooks View Post
A couple comments, don't profess to be an expert, though.
1) boiler is angled, not flat. Perhaps all water in boiler is expelled on first puff, none left to cool, and suck water back in.
2) Is burner inserted backwards in photo? At any rate, flame may be licking the tubes. If they get, and stay, flame hot, then perhaps no suction available to refill them. Easy to check, just put a barrier between burner flame and the tubes.

Neat hull; I make bottleboat sailboats, but hadn't considered a bottleboat popper :-)

Mogogear is an expert, you might mail him, though I expect he'll see your thread eventually.
you-tube video of a Canadian who makes Put Put boats (
Part 2 -Canadian Putt putt Boats -YT (4 min 41 sec)
) this chap I think is a friend of Mogogear, Fascinating stuff from so simple materials.
Much easier to make than the brute of a flash steamer that I have and not so dangerous.
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