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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Tell you what I found to the the most effective way to get motor temps down.. I formed some 'scoops' out of acetate sheet. The scoop glue into the cowl behind the cowl inlet and turn the air directly onto the side of the motor. So far I just use one scoop so as I get a cross flow over the motor and still retain a direct flow from the opposite inlet onto the ESC. I've never compared the scoop to the standard EF baffles but I'd be pretty sure the scoop would work better because it channels the air direct at the motor rather than just giving it a push in the general direction.

This had quite a significant effect on temperature (which I can monitor with telemetry). Typically I'm only seeing 10-15C above ambient even with a motor that's running 33% over it's stated amp limit.

Nice! I did something similar with my larger 78" Extra. Using a scrap piece of carbon fiber, I made a "clam shell" style cooling vent on one side. The cross flow works out nicely with the BEC pro mounted on the other side.

When setting up the laser, due to the size of the vents, and light weight of the laser I wanted equal drag. It worked out great because the air is forced directly over the battery. both systems dropped my temps by over 30%!!
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