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Originally Posted by kingconsulting View Post
And why is it "stupid"?

The builders forum is for "Discussion of RC model building techniques, including scratchbuilding, kits, plans, and related tools, machining, etc."

This would be for just BUILDING with balsa and/or ply. The builders workshop should be about the workshop IMO.

And again I would like to mention that there is a Foamies (kits) and a Foamies (scratchbuilt) forums. Two separate forums.

Hi Robert,

I already answered your "why" question in my previous post. I guess you need more detail, so I will allow you to infer it from the following nominations.

I hereby nominate YOU to sort through THIS forum and identify all the non-building-related threads to the new forum.

I also nominate YOU to keep track of both forums, and report when items appear in the wrong forum.

Finally, I nominate YOU to teach people how to properly organize their thoughts so that TECHNIQUES appear in one forum, since they could not possibly be confused with MATERIALS.

Honestly, I think having the foam guys in separate forums is exactly the reason that people think "building is dying." If the foam guys were part of this forum, this thread would have been closed ages ago for its very obvious invalid concept.

By separating into various forums (and thereby separating the builders) the following occur:

1) The myth that "building is dying" is promulagated,
2) The cross-pollination that should be occurring between users of different materials is hindered,
3) Builders begin to assume they're each a Tigger ("I'm the only one") and they can more-easily be discouraged.

Now, you tell me what part about separating into Yet Another Forum is SMART?

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