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I love this plane. It is so much like an Extra EXP that I was completely at ease with it instantly. The Laser does seem to be a bit more floaty and a bit more stable than the Extra. Remember that when I compare planes to the Extra EXP, that is the highest compliment I can pay an airplane.

Also, the Laser harriers almost as well as the Edge EXP, which is saying something.

Flying wise, what sets the Laser apart for me is that it does some really weird gyroscopic stuff. For instance, if you hit it just right , the laser will blow out of a pop top tail first, and actually squirt across the sky flying backwards. I did a few of those in my last video. Looks really weird and people freak out when they see it. On the new Laser, we will try it without the SFGs to see just how crazy the pop tops and tumbles can be. I am betting it will be plenty crazy.

Tumbles are simply stupid with this plane, and KE spins are a matter of placing the sticks in the right position and waiting for the KE spin auto pilot to come on. It's ridiculously easy with this plane.

I've got a 25 flights report nearly ready, but I'de like to pop out a new video for that one, so it will have to wait a week or so. Until then I'll probably post some construction photos as I build the new one and apply the awesome B and E Graphix package..

At this point I am not sure if I like this plane as much as the Extra or if it is an emotional attachment from wanting one for 32 years. I do know that it flies damm nice and it is truely worthy of the EXP designation.

The laser EXP is officially bad ass.
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