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Originally Posted by saabguyspg View Post
This I belive is only possibl on a beast like the S800 where you are using 6S and have gobs of power with 15" props.

Thanks for the info and I am going to take a prop off my hexa, load it up and test it on version 12

Whats with the S800 losing motors in flight recently?

I want to put a switch to shut off a motor in flight on one of the F550's and see what happens.

Taking off without a prop is much different than losing one in flight I think.

S800's don't really loose motors. They did have some issues when one motor was going to full throttle from what I have seen in a few of the posted videos. Not sure the cause on that. Firmware, Rf interference, etc. Going full throttle is crazy and I don't understand the cause.

I personally have never had one do this yet. Yes, our test flights are only 1-2 for customer RTF's but I can only fly them for so long. Our personal S800/Z15 are bullet proof and the 5.14 firmware is very noticeable on how smooth it is. Honestly, I rarely could tell flight characteristics between firmwares but this one I can for sure.

Note: I have not flown 5.14 on F550 yet but will try later today if I have time.
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