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Hi brontide,

I have insulated the connectors..

I left one +ve socket unwrapped so that I can put on the Dean's connectors later and tap on that +ve to power the rest.

In actual fact, I can hook up battery packs on all 4 sides of the square baseplate to parallel endurance. Just have to make sure the packs are almost same voltages.

Here's the mod Deans to accommodate anti-spark. However, this is the battery side.

Really, nothing to mod except I just superglue them together and clamp it till dry with heat gun and then shrink wrap them after soldering the cross link and to the battery:

The other connector is the balancing connector wired to adapt Schulze charger. Not ready to wrap yet, waiting for a resistor to be added so that the charger will auto recognise the charge current for this pack.

Here's another view. I have pumped in hot glue into the hole where the shrink did not close all the way on the main connector.

The other male side of the Deans is really the mod job. Will show tomorrow when the resistors arrive and to be soldered on the Deans. So watch for it.
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