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Speaking of trial and error, I just discovered an error on my part that will need addressing before further progress on the fuselage. Well, I'll take the heat on this but it really was a combo of kit instruction short commings and my subsequent decision. It has to do with the the fact that the fuselage notches were milled too small for the thicker supplied 6mm ply formers. Since none of them fit the 4.5 mm slots/notches I made the call to widen all in the aft direction, figuring the front of the former would not change. This did not become a problem until I noted that the aft most 6mm former, which forms the front of the cockpit area had to be pulled out of vertical to fully engage the pre-cut for length cabane mounts, running fore/aft. These seemed slightly too short to fully engage the notches in the last 6mm former. No big deal, as I beleived the canopy frame would cover. However. upon pulling out the carefully bubble wrapped canopy frame, for a test fit. I dicovered that the frame was not designed to cover but fit between the last 4.5 mm fram (now 6mm!) and the first former aft of cockpit. Strangely it needs about 1.5mm more room to fit properly and the cabane mounts are same distance short. Since the canopy frame has a substantial re-enforced fibreglas 90 deg.flange, I'm loath to simply shorten the canopy frame by sanding. I'm thinking it may be best to debond the the glue joint of the offending former and move it forward. Got the rest of the week to give it a think!

Also noted the canopy frame has a repair in the lower rear port side. This is a factory repair and looks to have been cracked when parted from the mold. Light relects differently on this section of the gloss coat, which is what caught my attention. Inside is an obvious patch showing thicker glass in this area and different color of the layup. Part is usable but it is one of those things FG parts guys frett over when sending something like this out. When I was making parts, this kind of thing came back from the customer about 50% of the time.
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