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[QUOTE]Yeah, I know, but some bloke on the internet says we're both wrong.

Gerry Gerry, you never can stop it with the insults and sarcasm can you?

I thought that only two days ago you asked not to be insulted and I did mention that we should all respect other people's opinions.

This may come as a surprise, but having posted thousands of posts and maybe flown for so many years that you probably tought the brothers Wright a thing or two does not make you a better person nor does it give you ownership of this forum.

I'll ask this in a plain manner, can you not help it? surely you are capable of posting without insulting and bellitling any person who disagrees with you?

BTW, you are also "Some bloke on the internet" in case you have not noticed. (all of us are)

Back to the original issue, neither of us is wrong. (not everything in life is either right or wrong)
from your posts all that happens is that over here we have what seems to be better customer care at the LHS.

BTW, thanks for posting the photo, you saved me the work. funny enough for two people who often disagree we have the antennae locate pretty much the same.
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