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Originally Posted by ledpole View Post
I've checked out the Radian Pro site and didn't see a answer to my question. I purchased a used RPro without a reciever. I'm currently flying a 6ch Orange with satellite, I've run the satellite out the back of the servo bay & taped down the center of the fuse. I just got a AR600 and have no idea where the longer antenna goes.I know they run perpendicular to each other & the short one will go up & down. As far as the longer??? I don't think just wrapping it around the sevo bay is the answer and don't see running it to the front over the ESC and battery as the answer. I could be wrong on both but dont know where to run it and could use some help. I did go to LHS and they dont want to open a box to let me see how the antenna is placed. I understand since I didn't buy it from them. Have only had a few flights but can see changing the spinner and some way to protect the aileron & flap servos happening soon.
Thanks for any suggestions & help
The location of the antenna is not critical. The goal is to get them as far apart as is convenient and away from anyting that might block both of them at once. Place the ends, that last 30 mm, so they are about 90 degrees to each other.

A common place is to have the one near the recever going parallel to the fuse. The long one goes up to the top of the cockpit and is taped to the foam , below the canopy. so that it is 90 degrees to the fuselage, left to right.

This puts one above and one below the battery. One pointing front to back and one pointing left to right.

You can see it in this photo of the Radian:

Edit: oops, that links does not go to the photo.

Works fine!
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