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Well, here's some evidence that building is alive ... at least in East Yorkshire.

Here's my "floorboard plane"... all wooden structure salvaged from a skip. The metal cowl is from a biscuit tin and is secured by bike' spokes. Elevator and rudder hinges (not shown in photos) are made from "recycled" aluminium, salvaged from my mate's Opticians Shop.

Span is 74". Weight is 3lbs and 12oz ... but I need to cover it and add the flight pack. Approx 6.5 square feet of wing. Hoping to keep the auw below 5lbs. Will be nylon and dope covering. Loads of wires required to keep things stiff. There will be at least 8 flying wires and 4 landing wires. Plus, there is wire bracing to the undercarriage structure.

There is some commercially-provided plywood involved; but not much. With the benefit of hindsight, I realise that I could have done without that plywood. Next time, maybe. When I can source a good bit of hardwood, I'll turn up some home-made wheels... the commercial ones will have to do until then.

Yes, it's risky taking photos before the beast has flown ... I don't normally do that, but the structure is so pleasing to me that I want a record of it.

Obviously, this is going to be a light-weather model, so it might be quite a while before I get the chance to fly it. Anyways, I need decent weather for the covering, 'cos I have to do it outside ... can't tolerate doping indoors.

I hope you lot appreciate this ... it took me ages to get those photos. And, the dog is not best pleased, 'cos I had to steal her blanket to use as a back-drop.

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