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Originally Posted by glmccready View Post
Alex: I have noticed that you try an dissuade people from Spektrum. Is there a particular problem with Sprektrum and FPV or just Spectrum in general? I've been using a DX8 for about a year and a half, but just started FPV, so I'm curious. I haven't had much trouble since the DX8 recall last summer, before that it was a balls up mess!
Gary in Salisbury, MD
Spektrum was designed for flying within line of sight without a noisy FPV transmitter screaming in its ear. Once you introduce distance more distance and a noisy FPV transmitter, Spektrum simply cannot handle it. It's not the transmitter that's the problem, it's the receiver.

On the other hand, 35 and 72 MHz systems have been refined for years trying to fix the problem with people running their antennas poorly and coiling them up inside the airplane or winding them around a helicopter landing gear. The bands are so far away from the FPV video bands that despite the FPV transmitter nearby, the natural physics of wave propogation and filtration allows better rejection of the FPV signal inside the airplane's RX. Thus 72 and 35MHz tend to work better. They also have this one feature: glitching. That's right, they glitch, then control is restored. Spektrum doesn't glitch, it locks. Once it locks, it takes several seconds before it will resume operation when signal is restored. That's several seconds you do not have control when the aircraft is a good distance away from you.

Of course there's always LRS. The problems with LRS are being fixed as the systems get refined. Unfortunately LRS isn't cheap...

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