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I have used both motors on 4s though only the 2w-18 in the P3 F16. Both give great performance on 4s imo. I used the HET 3 blade Schubeler rip off fan (7103?) in the P3 F16 which I am pretty certain is a lower load, faster spinning fan than the 6904. I used this fan/motor combo as I was concerned the 2w-18 might be on the limit in the 6904 fan - it might have been fine though. It certainly should be in a Wemo. The 2w-20 is fine in the 6904 on 4s. I think either will make the F16 move along very nicely while still keeping it light enough (I used TP 2100 v2 prolites so a while ago!) to fly really nicely. Modern cells will put a bigger strain on esc and motor than my setup had to endure.

FWIW I don't believe the HET is faster than the Wemo at same power levels. For a given motor it may be as it puts a higher load on the motor. Put a hotter motor in the Wemo to get back to Het power levels and I don't think you will see any difference.
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