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Originally Posted by Andycap View Post
F3P Sport is a schedule from the DFMV (Hope I got that correct)
Its an easier schedule to fly than the FAI Schedule and you may see other derivatives listed too

F3P-C is Entry level
F3P-B is Intermediate
F3P-A is normally the recognised FAI Schedule

Each level is a stepping stone to work towards FAI (f3P-A) competition standard
Just want to add a bit of history ...

The first German Indoor Aerobatics Championship took place in 2001 with just two classes "Indoor Kunstflug Klasse Sport" und "Indoor Kunstflug Klasse Expert".

The Sport class was designed for rudder/elevator/throttle type indoor models, while the Expert class was supposed to give the top pilots a real challenge.

These two programs remained unchanged until 2003, when AeroMusicals was added as an experimental class.

In 2004 we saw a major change, when DMFV (German Model Flying Association) and DAeC (German Aero Club) started to co-operate and the schedules became F3AI-A (F3AI = F3A Indoor), F3AI-B and F3AI-AM. The previous schedules became F3AI-C and F3AI-D.

When the FAI finally recognized Indoor as a serious model sports activity, the name changed from F3AI to F3P.

End of 2008 the co-operation between DMFV and DAeC ended and as there were two German Indoor Aerobatics Championships now in 2009, I went back to the traditional names "Sport" and "Expert" and slightly modified the FAI schedules
to make them flyable in standard gyms, i.e. "no dreaded spin".

I also introduced a standard "S-Pattern" after take-off and added a quick landing after the last manoeuvre - to shorten the total flight times per competitor. Instead of using the FAI F3P-AF schedule, I chose to introduce two rounds of Unknowns "to seperate the men from the boys" (using some of the F3P-AF maneuvers for the Unknown too).

For 2012 the F3P-Sport class is a "tamed" version of the FAI F3P-A sequence.

F3P-Expert is identical to the current F3P-A sequence, except for standardised take-off and landing.

F3P-AM is identical to F3P-AFM.

F3P-EIAC is new. The pilots have to achieve place 1 to 12 in F3P-Expert to compete. They are now faced with two rounds of F3P-EIAC Known (= FAI F3P-AF with standardised take-off and landing) and two rounds of F3P-EIAC Unknown. The best normalized scores from Known and Unknown are added to determine the first European Indoor Aerobatics Champion!

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