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I tried using chrome monokote on one of mine...when I applied heat, it made the foam beads show through. This happens with just about any heat shrink covering I've tried over beaded foam. Glassing the fuse would probably be the best bet if you are concerned about surface finish. Chrome monokote might look good from 10 feet but get up close and yuck (if you're picky like me). I've used Ultracoat Plus on my Zagis and since it has the adhesive on it you don't need a whole lot of heat, but when you come to a compound curve you'll need to use heat to shrink the covering, so you're again faced with the beads showing through.

As for the wing, it's got a thin plastic layer for an outside skin. I suppose you could use Ultracoat Plus on it as once again it has sticky adhesive on it to begin with and you use the heat to make it stick even better. Ultracoat goes on at a lower temperature than Monokote so it should work fine, just don't apply too much heat. Glassing the wing would be a lot of work and the wing already has a fairly nice finish on it, it'd just be dead weight to add glass to it.
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