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Just to clarify something I'm not quite sure on. May not have interpreted a previous post right. Crater Maker, in post #15 it sounds like you knew before that HK has a somewhat tattered reputation, yet you took a chance. If so you gambled and lost. It happens.

Does it happen to everyone? No. It hasn't happened to me. Yet.

Point I'm getting at is yes if you went in unaware, and got burnt, then shame on HK.
But if you went in knowing in advance there could be a problem then you gambled and lost.

I'm no shill, but I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, day before actually.
I know it's a gamble with HK, just like some other places even here in the good old USA.
And I'll be happy to let you know who they are off site so I don't get in trouble.

But anywho, knowing what little I do, I check out the products, and the threads before ordering. And if something goes south, I know I lost on my terms.

But like mentioned before I also cover my butt when I order. I use Pay Pal, paid by credit card. If I feel I did my part, and so and so didn't hold up their end, I go to Pay Pal for help.
If I don't get what I want there, I call my credit card company. It's taken care of then.

These companies only understand money. You take it away from them and you will get their attention.

Take from a P-38 freak, when I saw that bird I was foaming at the mouth to get one. But after doing a little reading of what was being delivered, not only from HK, but a few other places, I realized that not only was I going to have to deal with taking a chance with so so at best support if something went wrong, but also a product that was poor to begin with. A double wammy not to buy.

Hope all works out for ya, don't let one bad experience, no matter who's fault spoil your fun. Life's too short.
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