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Originally Posted by lincoln View Post
Geez, I hope you guys all put your firearms in some kind of time lock safe when you switch from shooting to drinking. Perhaps even do the same for your model building projects if you want them to look good and to keep all those fingers. And if you're concerned about security, maybe you should get a well trained dog with a good nose. Then there's no mistaken identity in the dark. Perhaps throw in a recording: "No, Joe, put the axe down. Please! You remember what happened last time."
Well, I'm going to take this as a light hearted post.

Edit: Upon re-reading this I can't see anything but a pointed, holier-than-thou attempt at moralizing without information and a jab at the regulars on this thread. If I was a reportin' kind of guy I'd hit the button but I think you've shamed yourself enough.

As for firearm safety. Myself, Hoss, Jeff, Keith just to name the usual contributors on this thread that I know, take that stuff very seriously. We're not 16 year old kids with our first pop gun.

The drinking part is said a lot in jest. There isn't a one of us that doesn't have commitments from sunrise to 7-8:00 PM minimum 6 days a week and the rest of the time we're too tired from producing to party.

Possibly Lincoln, you may not understand humor.

As for home security: Try 18 sets of motion sensor lights, driveway and yard sensors, full security system with 7 video cameras, motion sensors, cell communication, storm rated windows, 2-zone entries and a few other do-dads I won't mention cuz it's a surprise. My dog has a helluva siren too.

The firearms are for fun or if you're stupid enough or smart enough to get past everything else. I'd be happy to take it down to LTUP and discuss gun ownership and the RTKBA if you want. What I won't tolerate is to be accused of irresponsibility.

Never had more than one beer ever while building models either. I can use an Exacto knife. I also, in addition to building RC airplanes, build furniture, restore cars, do complete and thorough home remodeling, run equipment almost daily from a lowly RC-100 skid steer up through D-6s, not to mention occasionally driving 20+ ton OTR trucks on trips. Do a lot of ag work with tractors too. Oh, today I had to do a complete rewire on an electrical system in our maintenance shop, some of it live by necessity. All without ever having a single adult beverage and, trips to the emergency room.

Nope, I handle work time, fun time and party time quite well thank you and have done so for 55 years.

Now what I really can't deal with is..............well................ self aggrandizing stuffed shirts that like to dispense uncalled, unneeded and misdirected advice, especially when they lack any true knowledge of those on-line that they know absolutely nothing about.

Go back under your bridge.
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