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Originally Posted by V999D02 View Post
Most people here are from the USA, whereas I'm from the tiny overpacked island of the UK. The Women are slacker than Walkera's swashplates though which is a good thing, sort of :-D
What is this AMA? I've not read into it, is it some sort of insurance? I just fly wherever I want here, no sweat, no worries, I just tell the spectators to stand right back.

Anyway... I would like to rig an "Integrityhandywork X5 fund " just to show some appreciation and support for the Man, the genuine, the funny, the great Man, that is up ^^^^^ with His V450.

He has posted nothing but genuine, unbiased, and first class advice, and had a shite time to boot.

I for one will donate $20, commencing from next Monday, but I need ALL your support.

Come on, don't be tight, let's support the legend of the board.

Integrityhandywork; I don't wish to be condescending, but I think YOU DESERVE some peace and quality.

I would love to hear feedback via the thread, as I intend to start a new post here with words to the effect in a few days time.

Let's help Him, He's helped us....
Aww, your going to make me blush! Thank you for being so kind. But I couldn't expect people to do that. As nice as it would be to get some help, that's just kind of crazy. It's just a matter of time, hopefully, before something comes along or someone buys one of these things from me. I'll eventually drop the price on my 200 size Bell 222. I started it way high on purpose. But it got so many watchers on the first few days. I figured someone would have made a offer by now. Well one higher than $150 anyway. I can fantasize they are saving up though! lol. Honestly i wouldn't mind keeping it for myself anyway. It's freaking nice!

The AMA is the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Some local laws may actually prevent us flying helicopters without having personal injury and property damage protection. This usually pertains to bigger models. Registering with the AMA provides this as well as access to AMA flight clubs or flying fields. There are many local laws that can govern model aircraft. Weather or not they are enforced could depend on the infraction, location and weather or not anyone even knows the law exists! For instance, where i live at the AMA registered airport. The flight ceiling is 200 ft and they are probably very strict about that! But i'm not AMA registered and i can't use their airport! So i fly in a big ass open field in front of a movie theather, next to a high school and about 1000 ft from a real airport. I have to keep a 150 foot ceiling there because i've seen planes fly over me circling for the air port at around 200 ft before. The law says to always yield to real aircraft. So i doubt i can expect police to come pulling up with lights and sirens or anything. But it's good to be covered in case your X5/ X7 looses control at 200 feet and hits someones car. I suppose you could just RUN!!!!!!
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