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Originally Posted by brontide View Post
Seeing the board installed I have a few thoughts.

1) that a lot of exposed voltage, wrap those exterior posts before you short something out.
2) packing the ESCs might lead to poor heat dissipation, possible overheating, and more power loss.
3) have you weighed the final product and compared it to comparable wire based ESC wiring?
4) the traces might be able to carry the current, but is there enough insulation between the layers?
1. Yes I considered that too. Will sleeve in shrink wrap. The underside is already conformal coated. I have just removed the -ve 'pole' and will be replaced by Dean's Ultra with mod for anti spark. To bring the +ve to the edge of the board, I will lay a new track from the inside and bring it to the dean's pin and cover either with shrink tube or otherwise.

2. I am thinking should I drive a 5V motor for active cooling.. then again, my motors are 30A peak ea and these ESCs are 55A so there's a lot of buffer. I will monitor and see.

3. Unfortunately no. But I still have the chopped off cables and can do comparison. But I doubt it will be meaningful. i.e. the weight saved may not be a lot or worst. I just wan it to be cable clutter free. Plus, I can secure the ESC down without cable tie nor velcro, this is a sure way to secure it in place like mouting it down with four screws on standies.

4. Definitely yes. They are laid on 2mm acrylic sheet. I would prefer to draw my owm PCB pad next and have it fabricated. That will be lighter and will be more precise in connector location.

If only I can find a strong L-shape connector to mount the ESC side way and have the heatsink face out, that will be perfect.
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