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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
Really? I find that hard to believe, that in 2012, radio setup is black majick? Also, all those questions are answered - even while knowing what the aircraft is, exactly what I want to do with it, and where, I still got bad advice... or rather, I got advice that lead to a system which didn't work very well. Not expecting that this issue will disappear overnight, just saying that's why Mike feels the way he does - as if he keeps buying the wrong stuff. I can identify with that, because I basically went through the same thing. The commercial outfitters are getting better and that will help... but still, I get the impression that most of those systems are hit and miss.
No the advice you got was wrong for you. That is why it is hard to get people to be forthcoming with what products to buy. What works for me in my rf environment may not work for you in yours, yes I understand someone local told you it would work. Your first FPV setup will have mistakes even if I let you copy mine. The fact of the matter is you can copy the equipment but not the experience. That is what most people are trying to tell the new guys although it gets lost in translation from keyboard to screen to readers brain. What he recommended probably does work for him, did you see it on his rig? Did he give you a ride along? I am sure you can give a guy all the parts to build a Trex 500 from ground to ceiling but would you give that list to someone who has never even flown a heli before? Also that guy isn't going to be able to take off and fly first time out we all know that. Its the same with FPV.

Local FPV guys are not going to give you the wrong advice when it comes to equipment because they want to still be able to fly tomorrow. What they are going to give you is what through their experience worked for them. When I help new guys locally I usually tell them up front that they better get realistic about what this hobby is. You are not going to build a first rig and fly like I do, or like someone in those videos that got you interested in FPV. You have to slowly learn what you can and can't get away with, I can't tell you because I certainly can get away with more than a new pilot but not as much as say IBCrazy. That is experience that allows it not what equipment is on the plane. And what I see the most often is people's expectations are that of GoPro footage quality in the goggles. That just isn't reality, and when they see it for themselves they freak and think something is AFU. You would be surprised at what pilots are flying through to get that awesome GoPro footage.

I feel your pain I was new once as well.

Now for the all caps portion of my wall.....

NEVER EVER USE SPEKTRUM FOR FPV. PERIOD NO MATTER WHAT SOMEONE SAYS YOU WILL HAVE A LOCK OUT AND LOOSE A PLANE SOONER OR LATER. WE SEE POSTS ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. If you are reading that is one of the most popular pieces of advice given and cannot in no way be overlooked or missed.
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