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Originally Posted by Heli Biggie View Post
Now im just pushing to much lol. I just found this.... It may not be worth 60 bucks to join ama but then u will be able to fly at flying fields, and have insurence on ur nice new heli! Or get a trex and use the castle discount, win win...... Happy flying , get the x7 , ull be glad you went big, u already fly the 450 , 120 great! I wish i had the inverted balls u have for the heli event this weekend! But i wont..... I need more sim time
It would be nice. I just can't afford it. I'm having trouble getting the money for the X5, let alone the X7 that flies 12S. Thats 2 6S packs @ no less than $60 each. Walkera has screwed over my budget too much this year. I'm really way too deep into the V450 to even consider an X2, let alone an X5 or 7. I'm really, really pissed off about it too. I'm scraping together just to find a few hundred dollars to buy a Spektrum TX here soon, so i'll at least have that ready. Just in case i find some kind of side job or something. But it's not looking good for me right now. Like i said, i might be quitting this hobby all because of Walkera. At least for now.

I really doubt my v450s will sell now too. So i'm just kind of screwed.
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