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Originally Posted by ajbaker View Post
1. I think you mean nose heavy.
Nope, tailheavy. With the CG at 105MM behind the LE, it's definitely that way, and you're right that moving it to 100mm will make it less tailheavy (more noseheavy if you will). But my point is, I don't think it will make ENOUGH difference, and the plane will still be slightly tailheavy, even with the CG at 100mm. Putting enough weight in the nose to move the CG to 90mm behind the LE, would make it about right, is my guess. But I haven't tried it yet.

2. I got and ARF. All but battery, receiver, xmitter.
Ditto. Not sure why my decals came un-applied, other people in the SSS thread expressed surprise too. But I sort of like it better that way - to me the milky-white finish is gorgeous. I'm completely unbiased, of course.

I had the same thought about the control rods. But, I put in the stock ones in.
It's really the one thing I recommend changing right off the bat. Many people in the SSS thread have replaced them with thicker music wire, though some had difficulty finding long enough wires at the LHS. I compromised, simply grafted Kwik-links onto the existing rods in their unsupported areas at the tail. But I'd imagine there are a number of these planes flying even now, with the originals, so maybe I'm a little paranoid.
Does the stock motor have enough power?
Barely, if you ask me. But you've seen the motors I put on my regular SkySurfer and Easystar. I've got something similar (but bigger) on order now for the SSS.

Nearly all my flights of the SSS have been with stock motor and propeller, since I had nothing else to put in it. The plane hand-launches OK even in zero wind, though it takes a pretty good heave. And it climbs adequately at full throttle, though nothing spectacular. The stock motor/propeller are a good place to start, I guess. The plane was designed as a powered glider, and flies like one. No real problem.

Two notes:

1.) Mine came with noticeable left thrust in the motor mount. I left it as it was, and the plane flies and climbs straight. Several others in the SSS thread have said theirs also had that left thrust. It may have been designed that way. I like the way it flies with it, and have no intention of taking it out.

2.) One of the posters in the SSS thread pointed out that the stock ESC is rated at 40W. The manual that comes with the plane, names two 40W ESCs, I'm not sure which is in the plane (probably the cheaper, linear-BEC one). But the manual says both the 40W ESCs are rated for either 4 or 5 servos, and the SSS comes with six!
Putting in an external BEC, or a new ESC with a 4A or more BEC, might be a good idea, just in case. Maybe even a separate battery for receiver and servos, since the plane needs more weight in the nose anyway? I'm flying mine with the stock ESC and its built-in BEC, no problems yet. But I have a new 60A ESC on the bench, which I'll put in with the new motor (3642, 3200KV naturally ).
I've wondered how the manual-writers arrived at their "rated for 4 servos" evaluation. Maybe they mean 4 "standard" size servos, which I believe are around 55 grams each? The SSS servos are smaller, 17g each, and probably have less current draw. Maybe six of those still come in under the limit, whatever that is?
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