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Originally Posted by Little-Acorn View Post
Yep, so far. Except the tail pushrods were too skinny IMHO, so I clipped them short and spliced on some 5" threaded rods for nylon Kwik-links for rudder and elevator. And used nylon bolts to bolt the tail on and make it removable, for transportation purposes.

Mine came with the decals not applied, they were still on their separate sheet in the box. I didn't put them on, I sort of prefer it without them. Might paint it somehow, later.

That's what the manual says. Mine is currently at 105mm, which is barely an rch from where the manual calls for on a plane this big, yet it flies like it's distinctly tailheavy. I haven't adjusted it yet,
1. but I have a feeling that putting it at 100mm will still result in a tailheavy plane. I'll know more soon.

My plane is flyable, but bobs its nose and stalls pretty easily, and is hypersensitive in pitch. If I were you I would put the CG no further aft than 100mm. And bring a few bolts to the first flight, put them in the nose as needed.

My guess is, 90mm or so will be about right. But I haven't tried that yet.

2. Did you get an RTF or ARF version?

P.S. We've started an info-and-FAQs page in the Super Sky Surfer thread. See Post #829 and later posts, here:
1. I think you mean nose heavy. (when moving the CG from 105mm to 100mm). As you move the CG more forward, the plane becomes more nose heavy (I am pretty sure you know this because the rest of your references to CG is correct.)

2. I got and ARF. All but battery, receiver, xmitter.

I had the same thought about the control rods. But, I put in the stock ones in. Does the stock motor have enough power?
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