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Lots of good thoughts to probe. As followup to some of the questions/comments...
No jacket involved. Pretty darn sure that the elevator stick was not bumped.
Tx was definitely in speed mode. I did not actually see the elevator move, but I definitely heard the elevator servo when I pressed the launch button.
When in speed mode, the throttle stick (landing) flaps are unavailable.
The Osiris was carbon fuse with whiskers. Pull-pull on both rud and elev.
The Flow fuse is Kevlar nose with antennas inside. Pull /spring on both rud and elev - servo pulls for up. Pull string on elev was still secure after crash.
No switch on either plane. Battery plugs in - to an extension on the Osiris and into the rx on the Flow.
Did not see the flashing light on the Spektrum rx that would indicate loss of signal.
Servo tray was still solidly glued (except where it was broken) .
The Flow has Hs5045s on the flaps... Futaba 3114 on elevator.
4.8v /300mah nimh was fully charged 30 minutes prior to disaster. Have not yet recharged to see how much capacity was used during flights prior to crash.
On one flight 15 minutes prior to the crash, I did try a catch-and-launch and did so without getting into launch mode. I threw her with the flaps fully deployed... She went up very slowly at about a 45 degree angle.
Nothing on the fuse appeared to have moved. One 3gram piece of lead in the nose secured with foam and with the battery wedged in. All quite secure.
I had just thrown the plane 10-15 times with no issues on launch or during flight... No hard landings.

My flying buddy has the plane right now ( he's much better at repair work than i am) but all of the radio settings will be checked thoroughly as soon as I get a chance.
I was still in test/trim mode so not sure if cg was dead on, but it seemed close.

So.... I am questioning...
battery capacity and load handling....
I continue to wonder if something in my launch setting created a 'disturbance' during a hard launch that resulted in a hard tuck...
I wonder if it's possible that my 'hard' launch created a situation where the elevator servo was overpowered...
Cg setting ....
Carbon wings shadowing receiver...
Thanks to you all . I will post again if I find anything more definitive and will watch to see if there are any additional thoughts out there
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