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Originally Posted by 13brv3 View Post
The pot is the sensor that's used by the servo electronics to know it's position. They typically have less than one turn of rotation, and are located inside the servo. For direct drive, that's fine, but of course that doesn't work so well for gimbals.

If you need to use gears or pulleys to change the drive ratio, then the servo needs to turn more than one time around to get enough travel. ServoCity (and anyone else) can modify many servos for continuous rotation. To do that, they have to remove any stops on the gears that keep the servo from turning past a certain point, and they have to remove the pot.

The pot is moved from the servo to the tilt assembly on the gimbal, so instead of sensing the servo position like usual, it now senses the tilt position, which is what we really care about anyway.

Thank you very much i always wanted to know why it is needed.
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