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My settings will cause a very flat horizontal release with full down flaps.
I think it depends on your CG and how much down elevator you have mixed in.

That's why I disabled my flaps in launch mode several years ago. It was a safty issue, not a crash problem.

I figure I've lawn darted as many or more DLGs than just about anybody, and I ain't bragging about it. Usually (many times) it's because I left the switch plug in while launching. 2nd most common reason for my lawn darts is changing planes during a DLG contest round and not getting the new model set in the transmitter. Only once when my Horz-stab mount broke loose on launch,that was just a really bad crash about 30 feet in front of me, and not a real lawn dart.

And then my one other type of lawn dart. I was flying my new Predator II and the trim was just right, so I set my transmitter on the ground to show-off just how stable my new Predator was. As I walked away from my transmitter, it fell over and the 72 MZ antenna lay flat on the ground. The Predator turned straight down from 20-30 ft up and made a perfect lawn dart. The fuselage was almost perfectly vertical.

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