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Found an APC 9x4.5E prop at my LHS and tried it this morning on the stock motor and ESC. Couldn't tell much difference from the stock 8x6 prop, maybe this new one has too little pitch. I'll plug the plane into the Wattmeter soon, measure the static RPM and thrust etc. Never hurts to have more info.

I like those APC "Electric" props. Thin blades, wider than the gas props, but still very stiff and strong.

The APC "Slo-Fly Electric" props aren't, though - those are for geared electric motors, designed to turn slower. They are even thinner, and more flexible - too flexible for un-geared direct-drive motors IMHO.

I also took a close look at the SSS's stock 8x6 prop, which has felt unbalanced to me (vibrates when running). Seems that both blades are the same weight... but they are NOT 180 degrees apart! I haven't seen this since I last flew a 25-cent rubber-powered Sleek Streek in the early 1960s.

You guys might want to try this. The stock prop has pointy tips ("scimitar" style), or at least mine does. Use a ruler to draw a straight line on a piece of paper. Take your prop off and lay it on the page, putting the pointy tips exactly on the line. The line should go through the exact middle of the center hole, right? Mine didn't - it was nearly 1/8" off!

This prop was made, BENT. Not a whole lot, but it doesn't take much. Very weird. It's trash can bait now. The plane came with two props, I'll check the other one soon.
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