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Originally Posted by invertmast View Post
The reason why people build with foam more than balsa now, is bc the wind generator industry has taken over the balsa wood market. They always get the highest quality wood, and pay at a premium for it. So the quality if our wood is less.

Just 5 years ago, i could get 3/32"x6"x48" contest grade balsa for $2.50 a sheet, that same sheet is now around $6-7!

The arf industry is huge bc labor is cheap, the wood is cheap, the glue is cheap and in many cases, a few molds and fiberglass fuselages can be made cheaper than an all wood fuse. Granted, there are those arfs that are pretty expensive. But for the most part, i think the quality of most Arfs is already low. But its still cheaper and faster to buy an arf and modify it than it is to buy a kit.

The price of good balsa and plywood has shot up over the past 5-10 years and is killing the wood kits. Not to mention, the instant satisfaction needed with most of society today
I agree with this but there is one factor that you missed ,there are some of us who dont like the ordinary planes arf companys put out and we try to build weird stuff .The other thing you did not say is how long a foam plane last's compaired to a well built balsa one. I have old timers that i silked and doped that look like i finished them yesterday my scratch built foam ones look bad after flying them for a year or so. In our way of thinking i would rather buy balsa and build my own even if it costs me more ,it's my hobby building and flying them, if i wanted to save money i would collect butterflys. lmao joe
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